Junior League Golf

February 19, 2015 Jon Roy
Spring 2015

Junior League Program

Hosted by Coppinwood Golf Club and Markham Green Golf Club

May 30 – June 21, 2015

Program Description

The Junior League concept offers a comprehensive introduction to golf, which includes:

  • Playing the game,
  • Learning fundamentals from expert coaches,
  • Receiving mentorship from older players,
  • Infinite opportunities for learning,
  • Genuine camaraderie and relationships,
  • Having Fun.

Participating athletes will train their golf skills and also play the game on the course, as part of a team, in matches against other teams.  Players spend an afternoon immersed in the experience of golf – benefiting from great coaching, a wonderful training facility, and playing the game on a beautiful course.  The spirit of the “competition” is guided by coaches and mentor (older junior) players, and the young athletes who are competing are sure to have an awesome experience playing the game with their friends.  Players learn about all aspects of the game, from what and how to train, to the rules and etiquette which make the game unique.

Program Details

Sunday Afternoons

Coppinwood Golf Club & Markham Green Golf Club

2:30pm – 7:30pm

  • May 31,
  • June 7,
  • June 14,
  • June 21.

Program Notes

  • The Junior League is ideal for young players between the ages of 8 and 14.
  • Some experience with the game is helpful, but pure beginners have enjoyed the league in past years as well.
  • Participating athletes will receive over 15 hours of structured training and coaching over the 4 weeks.
  • There is a competitive aspect to the league, and part of the experience is learning to accept both the highs and lows of sport
  • We are proud to offer a safe environment and our goal is to have fun.

Program Cost

  • The full program is $340 (HST included)

Fees include

  • Coaching services,
  • Course fees, practice balls,
  • Golf Shirt and Hat,
  • Snacks, Water, Dinner

Program History

The Junior League is a core project for Golf Performance Coaches, and we have put considerable attention on making this the best possible experience for the players involved.  We have run league programs over the past few years, and have been able to sharpen the experience to where it is today.  After our last run in September 2014, we have carried over a number of the ideas that work really well – such as using older junior players to usher the younger players around the course, or benefiting from the excellent facilities and membership at Coppinwood Golf Club.  We are also looking forward to trying out some new ideas, such as uniforms and skills competitions.  We look forward to continuing with the evolution of this fun program.


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