College players are a big part of the GPC community and are made up of many graduates of our junior programs.   This is a group of players who are balancing their academics and athletics while competing in many “major” events through the year.  They are also very active with our younger junior programs – giving back to the game through mentoring and support.

We are always open to meeting new players and offering support in various ways, and programs for this level of player are always individualized.

Some examples of support we offer for this group includes:

  • One on one coaching services
  • Employment as assistant coaches in our programs
  • Access to training in groups such as Mastery or our CG practices
  • Online and telephone support through the scholastic year
  • Mentoring and expertise in the decision to turn pro

“Golf Performance Coaches has enabled me to improve in a lot more aspects than just golf performance throughout the years.”

Adam Park

Sophomore at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College