GPC's Community Library

As our community continues to grow, we have been encouraging our maturing students to contribute research and writings to our community library.  These are authentic works created by GPC athletes, and have been commissioned by our coaches to help share valuable insights and experiences for all of us to learn from.  This exercise has served the dual purpose of providing a rich context for the authors to deeply learn the skills, while also sharing knowledge and and anecdotal experiences with our community.

Over the course of this review, numerous authors will be analyzed for their perspectives on mindfulness training. If there is a perspective that I would like to bring to light by this research, it is to uncover some of the riddles of mindfulness, and how it can be very beneficial to learn about it, let alone practice it. I have identified four esteemed authors within the field of mindfulness that bring value in different ways to the subject, which can hopefully shed some light on what exactly mindfulness is and how it can be used in an athletic context.

Within the performance golf development paradigm, there is a variety of avenues to improvement players and coaches explore to achieve their goals. Whether it’s focusing on tactical development, physical strength and mobility, technical movements, or mental performance, within these main pillars exist many different approaches, techniques, principles and opinions on how they can each contribute to higher performance. Over the last year and a half, the mental pillar of golf performance development has become especially significant and interesting to me, and particularly the use of visualization and guided imagery techniques.