Competitive Golfers


AGES 15 – 19

“Advanced Competitors” are passionate and dedicated athletes who have made a conscious decision to make golf a major part of their lives. These players commit to processes and training habits which foster excellence. This year-round program challenges individuals to seek out their full potential in the game through a comprehensive curriculum and the very best efforts in junior golf coaching.

This dynamic program supports the unique evolution of each individual player while also creating a team atmosphere that encourages cooperation and interaction. Players commit to regular team practices, individual coaching, support in competition, and a guiding influence from an award-winning coaching staff. Programming at this level of development requires considerable commitment on the part of the athlete.

“The Competitive Golfer program has improved my golf game, but more importantly made me a better person. The GPC coaches create a very healthy training environment and truly care about their students. I would recommend GPC to anyone looking to get better”

Connor Rochon

Freshman Student at St. Andrews University


AGES 13 – 16

“Developing Competitors” are young teens who are falling in love with the game and who would like to seriously explore competitive golf. This is a critical age in the development process, and players in this program are exposed to the advanced fundamentals of the game and are coached largely within the technical and physical pillars.

Players in this program are typically experiencing accelerated physical and emotional growth, and this program offers a comprehensive environment for them to develop their golf skills in a fun and structured environment. Participating athletes can expect to have practices 2 or 3 times per week and to explore complex skills which pertain to high level training for golf.

“I joined GPC after my first year of golf and with the help of multiple coaches, lessons and video sessions, my game started to improve. This program introduced me to tournament golf and it continues to help me grow my knowledge and passion for the game of golf. GPC has played a huge role in creating the golfer that I am today.”

John Stewart

Grade 12 Student – Uxbridge Secondary


AGES 8 – 12

We offer “New Competitor” programming at various facilities in the outdoor season. In our view, New Competitor athletes will typically enjoy golf as just one of their many sports that they play. This program offers a holistic approach to skill development designed by the recognized experts in junior golf development.

The goal is to develop dynamic athletes who understand the fundamentals of golf and, more importantly, how to learn and evolve as athletes. Each practice covers a theme in golf and helps young athletes draw connections between the game of golf and other skills they already have. We then show them how to further develop those skills in relation to golf, all the while having a great time.