Developing Competitor Program

April 2, 2015 Jon Roy

The “Developing Competitor” Program

Program Description

Young golfers who are interested in exploring competitive events or simply enhancing their golf training are invited to participate in our renowned junior training programs.

We design the DCG program as a full year curriculum which modifies according to the phase of year.  In the indoor phase, we run practices at Golf lab, fitness at A4A, and we provide one-on-one coaching and supervised practice at Metro Dome.  In the end, a DCG athlete will have 2 or 3 scheduled sessions per week and then they would be expected to put in considerable time on their own outside of the scheduled time.  In the outdoor phase, practices are offered at Carrying Place (on course), Within Range and Wooden Sticks for one-on-one coaching and supervised practice, and at A4A for fitness.

The DCG program provides comprehensive coaching support for young golfers who have a few years of competitive golf under their belt.  We cover themes like tactics, rules of golf, fitness and nutrition, and scoring skills –  in addition to the classic fundamentals of ball striking – but in this program we work to develop these skills more intensely.   At this stage we also spend considerable time with players at actual events and in on-course coaching sessions.  This is a program that guides players in a way which empowers them to become independent and self-directed, while at the same time providing all of the core fundamentals and concepts of the game.

Through team practices, one-on-one coaching, tournament support, and on course coaching, Developing Competitors  receive a comprehensive curriculum which balances within increased attention to academics and life balance.  It’s a fun program that unites like-minded players to share in challenging practices and to learn to coach themselves.

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