Golf Fitness


There are infinite ways to swing a golf club, but only one efficient way which is based on what your body can physically do. Therefore, our initial golf fitness evaluation will help players get a better understanding of how their body may be influencing their golf performance.

Using the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) assessment framework, players will be guided through a series of non-evasive movement screens and tests which will provide insight on the players strength’s and weaknesses in the following key areas:

1. Mobility
2. Stability
3. Balance
4. Endurance
5. Strength
6. Power

The information collected in the evaluation will serve as a starting point for determining what movements and exercises players should be focusing on at home and in the gym. Spending time improving the efficiency of the body will significantly accelerate the development of any technical changes which the player is working on.

Jason Glass

'Jeff is a very talented golf fitness professional who has the unique ability to see the golf swing via what the golf club is doing and how the body is affecting the movement and performance of the club. Jeff helps us with some of our Canadian National Team players because he is one of the few people who can deliver the training techniques and connect them to the players golf swing.”

Jason Glass

PGA Tour Strength & Conditioning Coach, TPI Advisory Board


Based on the results from the initial evaluation, players will be provided an individualized training program which will be comprised of movements to be performed on a daily basis ('Movement Hygiene') and others to be performed in a structured workout setting multiple times per week. Training programs will be updated roughly every 4 weeks to add complexity and vary volume and intensity of the exercises. Players will get a personalized 'Training Space' through the CoachNow platform which will provide resources such as articles and exercise video's to ensure optimal success throughout the program.

During Step #2 players will have the following options in regards to the delivery of the training program:

Self-Guided – This entails players working through the training program independently at their local fitness facility with distance support from a GPC Fitness Professionals. Players will have a training session with a GPC coach every 4-5 weeks to go through the new movements in their program update.

Coach Supported – GPC Fitness Professional will design and oversee training sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis at one of our fitness facilities. This support can be done in a one-on-one or group environment.

Download a sample workout from our off-season training program.

Download a sample workout from our off-season training program.