Golfer Gifts – (part 2)

December 11, 2017 Jon Roy

Gadgets for Golfers

A selection of seriously impressive gifts – within a reasonable budget

For this weeks’ post, we look at a few more gift ideas for the passionate golfer.   These ideas aren’t limited to the holiday season of course – the fact is that you can use these ideas to enrich the training experience of your loved golfers at any point in the year.  Regardless of when they are given, common to all of these ideas is the fact that they incite the receiver to practice more and to enjoy practice more – two key variables in the quest for game improvement.  These are products which keep giving, as they create deeper practice experiences for athletes who use them well.

Of course, there is no limit to what you could gift to your favorite golfer.  You can redesign your basement with the latest in golf simulator technology, or plan a neat golf vacation in a far way place.  But the options listed below imagine a budget in the $150 – $250 range and are “easy to wrap”, and so might appeal to a greater number of you.

Each of the devices listed below offers unique feedback to athletes which are unattainable through ordinary practice time. At a fraction of the cost of the “big machines” of golf (launch monitors, force plates, 3d motion capture)  these devices provide excellent feedback, albeit through more concise data points which are reliable enough.  While they may not blow you away with numbers and data, they do provide clear objective feedback, and in some ways their simplicity is part of the charm and in most cases offer more than enough for a player to draw benefits from…


Launch Monitor

Ernest Sports ES12 monitor

Approximately $200

This is an extremely handy little device which players’ can carry with them and plop down wherever they hit balls. It measures ball speed and distance, and you can store data and practice sessions. These are very popular with our players, offering the “long drive” contest option that all juniors seem to love, as well as being very effective with players who have ball speed development as a priority. Players can easily track and monitor their progress with immediate feedback on how fast their ball is flying for every shot.


Putting Feedback

Blast Motion – Swing Sensor

Golfer putting

Approximately $200

Putting is on every player’s wish list for self-improvement, but is a skill which poses great challenges in terms of effective training in the winter months.  Largely because of an overall scarcity of holes to play into throughout the world, especially in the winter months.  With a little imagination and a new tool called “Blast”, players can now receive objective data from their strokes, even ones they are training indoors in their own homes.  This is a simple device which affixes to your putter and reads data back to your smartphone.  It measures face orientation, stroke dynamics, and best of all offers great insights into the tempo of your strokes.


Swing Mechanics Feedback

Zepp Golf  – Analysis System

 Approximately $200

This is a neat little device that attaches to your glove. It measures swing plane, speed, and distances – and provides a very interesting interface on the smart phone.  It’s a “cool” app that players enjoy using and which offers useful feedback about swing plane and swing mechanics with every swing.  It’s a very effective tool for training swing plane mechanics as well.



A Series of Coaching Sessions

Junior Golf Coaching

 Approximately $250

Never overlook the value of organizing good formal coaching for your passionate golfer. Finding a reputable coach can draw tremendous benefits for a player by providing a structured training plan  and feedback on what to work on.  If done properly, a coaching session can offer a unique experience to a player which will in turn motivate them to train and practice more. With clear guidance and reliable feedback, a coach’s expertise could be the best place to direct your funds if you’re looking to have the greatest impact.

Please have a look at last week’s post for other great ideas pertaining more to the athletics side of the game.

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