Holiday Golf Gift Ideas

November 30, 2017 Jon Roy

Holiday Gifts for the Passionate Golfer

As the holiday season approaches, we get lots of requests to provide gift suggestions for the passionate golfer. As such, over the coming month, we will be sharing some of our favourite training aids and books which will sure to be a “hit” with the junior or adult golfer in your family.

Our first post is focused on tools which can help the golfer develop more speed.  Speed is a relevant and manageable skill to develop throughout the winter months, and almost always sits on the list of “wants” from our players’ standpoint.

SuperSpeed Golf

Swinging under and overweighted implements has been shown to have a direct impact on speed development. A SuperSpeed golf set provides you three shafts of different weight and a multi-level protocol which can guide the players’ training over the winter months.

Cost = $200 – $300

10 Minute Cushion

This tool helps to off-set the countless hours spent sitting in front of a desk in poor posture. The 10 minute cushion is a fantastic tool to help players improve their overall posture and will have an impact on their capacity for ball striking as well. Postural improvements often lead to increased trunk rotation which can create bigger backswings and better downswings.

Cost = $40

TRX Suspension Trainer

The easiest and most effective way to develop strength from your basement! The TRX suspension trainer easily attaches to a door frame or on a ceiling and provides the golfer tons of bodyweight exercise variations which will create mobility and strength from head to toe.

Cost = $175 – $250


TPI Golf Fitness Assessment

The best way to get the most out of your time in the gym is to ensure your workout is customized to your individual needs. A TPI golf fitness evaluation provides the player a better understanding of which area’s of the body need to be more mobile and which need more strength and stability.

Cost = $100


Please feel free to contact GPC Lead Coach, Jeff Overholt at if you would like to purchase any of the items listed above for the golfer in your family.

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