Mental Game


One of the core offerings in the mental game realm is supporting players to better access the skills they already have. Timothy Gallwey’s simple equation for performance is a staple of our coaching philosophy. The concept that one’s potential is realized once one has removed the interference that blocks their expression of skills. We have a variety of programs, techniques and strategies to help players identify sources of interference and create coherent plans to dissolve interferences and better express their true talent.



Mindfulness in golf is the skill of being present, with a calm and clear mind, capable of focusing on the task at hand (this shot). Golf Performance Coaches prides itself on providing leading research and applications of mindful practice as applied to the sport of golf. All GPC coaches are well trained in the art of training mindful approaches to learning. We have tremendous programs in place to help you explore how mindful training can help you access the talent you have.



We have a number of services we offer in the realm of self-management development. Both Jon and Jeff are experts in supporting players to develop strategies for attaining their performance goals in golf. Players should contact us for an introductory meeting and we can tailor specific programs based on this initial meeting and surveys.


The “Predictive Index”
Based on the groundbreaking research and analytics coming out of “Predictive Success” corporation, we have partnered to use the predictive index as an application to the sport of golf. This is a analytics tool which gives us a snapshot of an individuals needs, and subsequent behaviors, which in turn helps us to better understand who the player is, and in turn how to best coach this player.

The “Self Evaluation Radar”
This is a GPC creation, which we’ve been using for the past 5 years. Players evaluate their own skills in 48 different facets of the game, and are presented with a detailed report and plan of action for self-improvement in the sport of golf.



Our training camps for players aged 8-13 are centered around core values which contribute to their growth as great citizens of the world who happen to be great golfers as well.  We pride ourselves on offering camps, clinics, and structured programs which all explore the creation of deep-rooted value systems which act as the center of a child’s development.  Rather than focusing on results and performance, we like to focus on practicing, living and playing according to strong values, which in the long run better equip our players to reduce interference,  be mindful, and manage themselves and their practice.