Girls Club

Winter Girls Club

This winter Coach Meghan and Coach Jon will be offering a wholistic training package for the members of the girls club. This invite-only program will consist of private lessons with Coach Jon, 'Train to Compete' sessions with Coach Meghan and caddy call support. This winter program will focus on techincal swing work, as well as introudcing the physical and mental game pillars. Our goal is to prepare the girls for the 2023 competitive season through interactive and fun learning.

  • Private Coaching

    Enrolling in the girls club includes x lessons with Coach Jon. These lessions with focus on technical swing work and can be booked on an individual basis with Coach Jon

  • Train to Compete

    Coach Meghan will be running 6 Train to Compete group sessions throughout the winter. These lessons will include golf-specific physical activities, an hour of mat time, time for snack and Vision 54 mental game activities.

  • Caddy Calls

    Coach Meghan will be checking in with the girls and their training twice a month via Zoom. These calls will focus on accountability and training strategy.