To Get Started

If you love sport and are eager to learn more about how you can engage with our community of passionate athletes, you should reach out to us and set up an initial assessment.

Our first meeting can take place on zoom or in person, and it will enable us to lay down a coherent strategy for your skills development. We will go through your goals, reflect on past experiences, and project a plan of action for the coming months.

We encourage you to consider each of the 3 programs we offer (listed below) and you can also look into our famous Mastery group if you're really looking to take your training to another level this year.

  • Par

    Our Par program involves a commitment to a series of 4 live coaching sessions spaced out over a few months, and combines this work with some moderate online support (CoachNow)

    Cost: $600+hst

  • Birdie

    The Birdie program consists of 6 live coaching sessions as well as monthly zoom meetings, two group practices, and occasional formal interactions through our online software


    Cost: $950+hst

  • Eagle

    The Eagle program is our most comprehensive - combining 8 live sessions with regular group practices, zoom meetings, and more interactions with GPC coaches online


    Cost: $1250+hst

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Private Lessons

We are proud to offer comprehensive programs that combine layers of coaching and which provide great depth of learning for our players. However, we also recognize that some athletes are just looking for a few good lessons to at least get started in the right direction.

Private lessons are roughly one hour and range in cost from $120 - $175 depending on coach and timing.
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