Winter Live Coaching

Winter Coaching

Our live coaching options for the winter months are available on most days of the week at a variety of facilities across the GTA.

We do not offer single lessons or cursory coaching - so "dabblers" need not apply! Rather we insist that all players in our community commit to a long-term and holistic strategy for their skill development.

Please explore the options below and contact us to solidify your personalized coaching program for the coming winter.

Live Coaching - Locations

As our tradition, we will be offering the majority of our live sessions at Metro Golf Dome. This is an excellent facility that offers a large, well-lit, and warm space for training golf skills in the winter months.

We also have a new GPC indoor studio in Whitby just off the 407 and another one in Richmond Hill in the works.

We will also be offering “come to our home or office” sessions which can be arranged "a la carte" with us.

*NOTE: At most winter facilities, you are responsible for covering your mat fees for time spent at the facility.