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Group Coaching

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Coach Jon has created some of the most innovative and creative group environments in the country.  These programs, ranging from junior programs to adult groups, are oft-emulated and have won countless awards and recognitions over the years.  Most importantly, they’re really fun and help people increase enjoyment and skill.

In recent years, the GPC Mastery programs are at the fore-front of popularity.  These classes offer a comprehensive dive into themes of game-improvement, all the while using collaborative learning and small group discussions to stimulate deeper insights.

Indoor Mastery programs offer a cost-effective and collaborative environment for training golf skills.  The group classes run over 8-12 weeks, and will be offered on the following topics this winter:

The Gathering:  A study of rhythm and timing in the full swing

Fundamentals Training: Dedication to understanding and establishing sound fundamentals

Practicing on Purpose: Provides regular deliberate practice sessions, innovative drills,  and training games.  

These programs build through demand, and will commence in February 2022 with dates and times to be determined based on requests.