Performance Mindset Golf

The 2024 Mindset program is set to begin in April. This year's course will be offered over 7 weeks, and will include online meetings, live practices, and lots of valuable conversations about performance and the sport of golf.


By enrolling in the Performance Mindset course, athletes will be engaged with a consistent and comprehensive course for the practice of foundational mindset skills.

This course is offered almost entirely in a "virtual academy" through Zoom and Google Classroom. Led by mindset specialist Jon Roy, we deliver a series of engaging lectures, 1:1 meetings to personalize the learning, and assignments that challenge athletes to put these new skills into practice.

Beyond the great content, the strength of our message comes through the voices of our great coaching team, who provide engaging feedback and have loads of athletic experiences to share.

As a whole, Performance Mindset provides a stimulating and motivating opportunity for young athletes to enhance their mental game skills while contemplating the deeper purpose of their work. All while collaborating and learning with their peers and our coaches.