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GPC Giveaway: Testimonials and Engagement

Your contributions will broaden our reach and deepen our community.

We are holding an engagement exercise with the goal of increasing connection and depth within our community across a variety of media platforms.  As our virtual platforms grow in demand, we hope to strengthen this “space” with more quality content and engagement.

In return for the promise of intrinsic fulfillment and/or prizes, we are asking players to contribute some feedback in each of these 5 ways:

Every athlete that qualifies (completes all 5 tasks) will be entered into our draw that closes on Jan 27th:
  • 3 players will receive a GPC Prize Package  (1 dozen balls, shirt, hat, 1 hour of coaching)
  • 1 (fortunate?) athlete will receive 5 hours of Coaching Time

Who Are We?

Golf Performance Coaches is a community united by dedication to the process of mastery and the quest for personal excellence through sport.  Athletes and stakeholders within the GPC community are supported by a group of passionate coaches who provide holistic strategies to maximize performance.  We provide engaging and flexible programs that respond to your needs and motivate you to seek out personal excellence through sport.  The path of mastery begins the day you decide to change your direction and seek out ways to become a better version of yourself, and the GPC community

Where to Start

Initiating the  process of self-improvement always begins from within – with honest self-awareness and authentic reflection. A logical entry point into our GPC community, which specializes in guiding players on this path,  is through the “48 core skills of golf” assessment.  This task asks you to self-evaluate your skills in a variety of areas that pertain to golf performance, and organizes your responses in a way which highlights the strengths and weaknesses.  From there, we can collaborate to build a comprehensive plan of action to guide your training, which ensures that your efforts are both efficient and intrinsically enjoyable. 


The winter mastery program provides a variety of feedback options to help players manage and organize their training time through the winter months.  Participating athletes will receive guidance for the what and how of their training, and will have access to varied levels of feedback according to one’s needs.

The online program acts as a base for all GPC students – it is the gateway into our other program options like live coaching or other online programs like the Performance Mindset.  


Only a handful of coaches are consistently recognized for exceptional passion and expertise in their craft.

“Golf Performance Coaches” is made up of such people, consistently developing expertise and helping committed athletes achieve their goals in golf.