The path of mastery begins the day you decide to alter your trajectory and seek out a process for becoming an even better version of yourself... The GPC community is devoted to sharing this path of mastery with athletes and coaches from all walks of life.

  • Mastery

    Our popular Mastery program will be available throughout the winter months. This program unites passionate golfers with a comprehensive program which combines individual work, group practices, and online support.

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  • Junior Coaching

    We offer a dynamic menu of GPC junior programs led by our award-winning coaching team. Our expertise has always focused on junior development, and we encourage you to reach out to us to build a suitable program.

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Where to Start

Active participation in our GPC community is limited to a small group of serious players and is made up of two distinct categories - juniors and adults.

Parents of junior players who are searching for extraordinary coaching experiences for their child should contact Jon directly and organize and initial meeting on zoom. We can work to set up a suitable program for your child within our community.

Adult players who would like to be part of the GPC winter community should contact Jon directly with some reflections on your game and your goals for the coming season. This enables us to derive insight into your coaching needs, and we will be following up soon after to hold a consultation for your continued growth.  

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Who Are We?

Golf Performance Coaches is a community united by dedication to the process of mastery and the quest for personal excellence through sport. Athletes and stakeholders within the GPC community are supported by a group of passionate coaches who provide holistic strategies to maximize performance. We provide engaging and flexible programs that respond to your needs and motivate you to seek out personal excellence through sport.