The path of mastery begins the day you decide to change your direction and seek out ways to become a better version of yourself.

  • Mastery Program

    The “GPC Mastery” program offers a structured training environment which combines weekly practices with one on one coaching and virtual support.

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  • Junior Camps

    GPC Junior Golf Camps offer amazing experiences for young golfers. With an unbelievable facility to host the activities, our junior camps provide an extraordinary combination of skill-development, camaraderie, and mentorship that makes for an engaging week for the athletes involved.

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  • Performance Mindset

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  • The Base Online Program

    “The GPC community continues to evolve and in the present form includes an online component to best support the live coaching environments.

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Who Are We?

Golf Performance Coaches is a community united by dedication to the process of mastery and the quest for personal excellence through sport. Athletes and stakeholders within the GPC community are supported by a group of passionate coaches who provide holistic strategies to maximize performance. We provide engaging and flexible programs that respond to your needs and motivate you to seek out personal excellence through sport. 

Where to Start

A logical entry point into our GPC community  is through the “48 Core Skills of Golf” assessment. This task asks you to self-evaluate your skills in a variety of areas that pertain to golf performance, and organizes your responses which highlights strengths and weaknesses. From there, we can collaborate to build a comprehensive plan of action to guide your training which ensures your efforts are efficient and intrinsically enjoyable.

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