The path of mastery begins the day you decide to alter your trajectory and seek out a process for becoming an even better version of yourself...

The GPC community is devoted to sharing this path of mastery with athletes and coaches from all walks of life.

  • Performance Coaching - online

    Performance coaching programs are delivered virtually. Combining the benefits of virtual consultations with video analysis and accountability check-ins, performance coaching programs are essentially the glue that holds our coaching and training work together. 

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  • Skills Coaching - live

    Skills coaching experiences are focused on the mechanics and skills of the game and are delivered live. These in person experiences enable us to explore specific motor skills and refine your skills. As always, we offer a variety of live options to best suit your budget and prefered locations.

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  • Performance Mindset - online

    We will be offering our flagship online program once again in 2023. For anyone who is seeking to improve their mindset and mental game skills, this program will change your relationship to sport, and will surely have a positive impact on your training and performances for years to come

  • Girls Club Training Group - live

    We will be running our popular girls club programs throughout the winter months.

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Where to Start

As a starting point, we would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to fill our GPC Performance Audit. This enables us to derive feedback from you, and we will be following up soon after you complete this work to hold a consultation for your continued growth.   The consultation can come in one of two forms:

Option 1 You would like to join the GPC winter academy: you will receive a comprehensive follow up meeting (on zoom) with coach Jon, where we will discuss your assessment in detail, lay down a plan of action for your training time, and provide a full audit of your winter plans in terms of facilities, timing, and goals.   This option suits any of you who are motivated to take your training seriously this winter.

Option 2 – You are curious, but non-committal at this point: You will receive a follow up meeting (on zoom) with a GPC coach who will briefly discuss your assessment scores with you, and audit your winter training ideas. We are happy to offer this complimentary service to any of our existing GPC members, as it allows us to practice our feedback skills and will offer you a token of our gratitude for our experiences together so far. 

Option 3 - See you in the spring: You certainly aren’t obligated to fill out the survey at all - and we respect this choice and look forward to rekindling our work in the coming spring.

Start Your Journey
Jon coaching junior group

Who Are We?

Golf Performance Coaches is a community united by dedication to the process of mastery and the quest for personal excellence through sport. Athletes and stakeholders within the GPC community are supported by a group of passionate coaches who provide holistic strategies to maximize performance. We provide engaging and flexible programs that respond to your needs and motivate you to seek out personal excellence through sport.