About GPC

Your GPC Journey

Our community is made up of a range of players and coaches who are all united by a passion for the process of mastery.  Regardless of age or ability, we design coaching programs that respond to particular motivations and challenge players to become more self-aware.  Members of our community are supported by a group of dedicated coaches who are both knowledgeable and flexible, and who support our players with holistic strategies to maximize performance.  To any member of our community, we provide engaging coaching programs that respond to their needs and motivate them to seek out personal excellence through sport.

The GPC ideology is certainly unique, and this stems largely from the fact that we prioritize learning and enjoyment as the bedrocks for performance.  By accentuating learning moments, and by celebrating the intrinsic joys of the sport, we help players to discover their potential in the sport by engaging them in a process that is both enjoyable and illuminating.  We achieve results because we are dedicated to a process by focusing on personal fulfillment through the vehicle of sport.

We all enter this journey at different places, but to us the paths all lead to the same end – the intrinsic joy derived from refining our skills and enjoying the games we love with people that are meaningful to us.

Our Athletes

The GPC community is made up of a variety of perspectives, but common ground is found in a passion for developing the skills of golf in a way which is holistic and balanced.  GPC players are committed to a comprehensive approach to skill development which is unique and self-determined, and which works to synthesize many layers of material, ranging from technical proficiency to things like emotional management and physical fitness.

Over the past decade, we have developed a culture of excellence and enjoyment, where players and coaches are committed to a long term process of change that is both effective and fun.  Our culture is rooted in a belief that true mastery of the game comes from countless, enjoyable hours of high quality practice.

Our community is "athlete-centred", and is made up of seniors, juniors, amateurs, and professional golfers alike - who are all devoted to the pursuit of personal excellence through the game of golf. GPC athletes train hard, and with purpose, and are motivated by a desire to seek out their personal best selves.

Our community is also guided by world class coaches who are devoted to the path of mastery. Our coaches are uniquely trained, by Coach Jon, in all facets of the game and have expertise in developing holistic and comprehensive programs.