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About the Program

Our inaugural offering in 2023 was very successful, and we are excited to evolve the program into our second year.

By enrolling in the Performance Mindset course, athletes will be engaged with a consistent and comprehensive course for the practice of foundational mindset skills.

Beyond the great online content, the strength of our message comes through the voices of our great coaching team, who provide engaging feedback and have loads of athletic experiences to share.

As a whole, Performance Mindset provides a stimulating and motivating opportunity for young athletes to enhance their mental game skills while contemplating the deeper purpose of their work. All while collaborating and learning with their peers and our coaches.

Meet Coach Jon Roy

Over 20 years of performance coaching, Jon has traveled across the globe coaching teams and individuals in competitions and training camps. Initially in the world of golf, Jon has worked with many of the very best athletes in Canada across a number of sports and disciplines. After many years of specializing in mental game skills in golf, the past decade have seen Jon's interests move into sport performance as a whole, which has led to the launch of the "Performance Mindset" brand in 2018. In the first 5 years, this program has been coached to over 150 athletes across 5 different sports.

Jon’s coaching strength lies in his ability to communicate with young athletes and to align their aspirations with a clear and focused game plan. His expertise comes especially in the skills of self-management, mindset architecture, and performance tactics.

  • Nathanial Coombes

  • Michael Von Schalburg

  • Daniel Kim