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Golf Performance Coaches

Performance Mindset

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Significant discounts are available to GPC alumni and members of our online GPC academy.

2023 Winter programs will be commencing on Jan 24th. 

Our performance mindset program has been growing in popularity and attention over the past 5 years.  With the growth of online learning and the recognition of mental health as a foundation for sport performance, this program is designed to support athletes with mental game theory and practice.  The goal of this program is to help players develop a much deeper understanding of how the mind works and how we can use our mind to control our athletic brain

Unlike many of the skills of this sport, mental game skills have always presented as fairly opaque – nobody knows how to train these skills with regular attention. This program is a comprehensive examination of the history of sport psychology through the lens of optimizing personal performance and development.

A 12 week program which is practical and theoretical, wherein players are introduced to core themes of mental game theory, while practicing the material through worksheets and coach-led interviews every week.

The course combines lectures, rigorous assignments, and constant feedback loops, 

Graduates of this program will have gained a deep knowledge of their own tendencies and of the core themes and practices that go into mental game work.