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Winter Mastery - Junior Program

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As our junior programs continue to evolve over these past 20 years, we are pleased to have a comprehensive delivery which has been afforded by a shift to online learning.  Armed with a Covid winter of experience, we can now use the online coaching angle to great effect while possibly complimenting it now with live coaching options.  

The winter mastery program provides a variety of feedback options to help players manage and organize their training time through the winter months.  Participating athletes will receive guidance for the what and how of their training, and will have access to varied levels of feedback according to one’s needs.

The online program acts as a base for all GPC students – it is the gateway into our other program options like live coaching or other online programs like the Performance Mindset.  

Choose one of the three options listed below, and we look forward to supporting you within our GPC community for the coming months.