Individual Coaching

The classic “lesson” concept is a logical starting point for most - private sessions combine technical work with practice strategies and drills. This is a great way to get started, and often players will move into more structured programs after starting with a package on individual sessions.

$110 - $150 / Hour

Semi-Private Coaching

Ideal for families and small groups who would like to meet for coaching as a small group. These are fun and effective ways to share the learning process with friends and family. The intention is to meet on a regular basis throughout the season, and program details can be tailored to your needs.
$175 - $210 + TAX / HR

Junior Mastery

These are for players who tend to be more “competitive” and we meet consistently through a combination of personal lesson time, on course work, and group practices. The focus is on creating effective training environments which combine collaboration and personal discovery with a consistency of approach. These weekly ninety- minute sessions will be locked-in over a span of 4 months.

$250 + TAX (over 4 months)

Junior Leagues

In recent years, we have had great success with a “league”
concept - wherein a group of peers join at a set time every week, and train skills on the range and then compete in competitions on the practice holes. Lots of quality coaching moments embedded in this format and its fun for the kids.

COST is variable depending on customized design.

Customized Junior Camps

For junior camps in 2023, we will be focusing on building smaller groups of 4-6 friends who can personalize their own itinerary, and this helps us to build experiences that are more flexible and uniquely tailored. We will have the capacity to offer at least one customized camp over all the weeks of the summer. Most camps will run from 1:00 to 5:00pm over the 5 days. Please note: The age minimum for these types of camp program is 10 years old.
COST is variable depending on customized design – roughly $25 per hour of camp time.