The avowed goal is to study the “essential playing skills”, a study which goes far beyond the swinging of a golf club. We take a holistic approach to skill development, and work to discover how to best align our athletics with our purpose. Considerable attention is paid to ball striking and short game, as well as incorporating the latest research in sport psychology and tactics. Most importantly, this group studies the person making the shots, and the target we are aligning to.

Individual sessions as well as group practices are dynamic and engaging, designed to help you to discover your own best potential.

This Mastery community is about “practice” in the true sense of the word – consistent and repeated attention to our craft, focused energy, and engaged in a process that yields results, but which is intrinsically valuable at the same time.

  • 4 hours of Private Coaching

    One on one time booked with Jon at your convenience

  • 6+ Group Practices

    Structured learning stations guided by our coaching team.

  • On-course Guidance

    Opportunities to observe your game in action in our indoor simulators.

  • Online Support

    Use of video and virtual to guide practice and evolution of mechanics.

  • Performance Mindset Practice

    Guidance and worksheets to develop
    mental game awareness.

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