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Golf Performance Coaches

Private Coaching

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Our Director of Coaching – “Coach Jon” – is a multiple award winning coach and instructor who provides a unique perspective on the mechanics and skills of the game. Jon is a world-renowned innovator in theories of game improvement – coaching sessions are certain to provide both enlightenment and enjoyment for the athlete/learner.  The benefits of live coaching are as follows:

- Sessions provide an optimized opportunity to monitor technical repetitions with purpose and strategy.
- Sessions will uncover multiple learning moments and opportunities for personal growth which can motivate and optimize future practice time.
- Live sessions are always tailored to the individual needs of each player and will be shaped to the tendencies of each player.
- Sessions are most effective when compounded over time, please be sure to inquire about multiple sessions and packages.

We (GPC) provide live coaching services with coach Jon or with his assistant coaches.

Base fees for live coaching with Coach Jon start at $150/hour*Base fees for live coaching with our GPC assistant coaches start at $90/hour

*NOTE: Members of the GPC “online academy” receive considerable discounts